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Celebrating Generously—In Their Own Words

“At a time when we were receiving so much love from our friends and family as well as so many gifts, it was fulfilling to give back. By giving our guests the opportunity to donate on our behalf, we also felt it would add to the good energy and feelings of love and happiness surrounding our special day and our marriage. In lieu of party favors, we also donated to our charities on our guests' behalf.”

–Elizabeth James & Daniel Gormley, Santa Monica, California
Charity Registry and Charity Favors

“We are really lucky and already have many material possessions. We are not in our 20s just starting out. Because we are blessed to have so much, we wanted to donate to others who need help.

–Shannon Hinshaw & Beth St. Paul, Austin, Texas
Charity Registry

“Giving back was one of the things that brought us together. As first generation children of immigrants, our parents instilled in us a responsibility to the family and community.”

–Elizabeth Delgado & Jose Garcia, Oakland, California
Charity Registry

“We thought it was important to incorporate our values and beliefs into our wedding. Even though the celebration focus was mostly on us, we wanted to also celebrate our love for others and the natural world. We've been given so much . . . we thought our wedding would be a great chance to give back.”

–Allison Hoffman Segal & Justin Segal, Ft. Meyers, Florida
Charity Favors and Charity Registry

“This was the second marriage for both Mark and I—we weren't just starting out in life as newlyweds, and we did not need anything. We felt that the money people wanted to spend on gifts would be put to better use as a charitable contribution.

–Lisa Foley & Mark Lyvers, Harvard, Massachusetts
Charity Registry

The goal of our celebration was to be as socially conscious as possible. We had an almost entirely green wedding. And since giving is so important to us, we created a charity registry and encouraged our guests to participate.”

–Shai Rasmussen & Tyler Moore, Nashville, Tennessee
Charity Registry and Gift Registry