Flexible Options That Fit Your Interests

Whatever cause you believe in, I Do Foundation makes it easy to find and support all the charities—working locally and throughout the world—in which you believe.

Choosing a meaningful cause is something personal for each bride and groom. Many brides and grooms have a special cause they want to support, but what if you're not sure which charities to choose? Ask yourself:

  • Are there specific issues you're passionate about? Explore our recommended charities (LINK) for examples of nonprofits excelling in their fields.
  • Did something meaningful happen to you or to a family member or friend that you would like to remember at your wedding?
  • Do you want to honor a loved one who couldn't be at your wedding? Find out their favorite cause and add it to your charities.
  • Do you want to give locally or globally? We make it easy to give to any organization working across the world. The only requirement is that they are one of the more than 1.5 million registered nonprofits based in the United States.
  • Do you both have causes you believe in? Select two.

Our easy online tools provide detailed information about each charity, convenient ways to search for charities by name or keyword, and many options for raising money for your charity through gifts from your guests, favors, and more.

A meaningful cause has only one criterion: that it matters to you. Couples tell us how special it is to be able to share what they believe at their wedding. For most, it's such a powerful experience that they continue to give for years to come.

Other ways to find a meaningful cause:

Choose from some of our favorite groups: I Do Foundation has developed a list of more than 40 innovative nonprofits which we have grouped into six giving areas. You can choose to support one or more of these groups, or you can direct your donations to a general focus area, like social justice or the environment. View a complete list.

Support a Focus Area: If you choose to support one of our six focus areas (such as health or education), we will distribute these funds through an annual grant-making process to innovative organizations working to create systemic change. (All interested nonprofits are eligible to apply). I Do will only award grants to 501(c)3 organizations that meet our giving guidelines of working for equity and social justice in low-income and underserved populations. All grant decisions made by the Board are final.

Once you have selected your Registry Charities, your wedding web page will provide regular updates about the amount of money your wedding has raised. Not only will you know you've made good choices, but you will also see the growing impact of making charity a part of your wedding.

One day. Big difference. Request gifts of charity to celebrate your new life together.