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Wedding Etiquette Demystified: Registries and Gifts

The first subject is a pretty huge part of the wedding industry—registries and gift-giving! While this can be a taboo subject to talk about (people should be giving you gifts out of kindness and not obligation) This is exactly why we want to talk about it with you and hopefully clarify some questions you may have!

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10 One-Of-A-Kind Registry Items

Move over, flatware and bone china! Here are 10 under-the-radar luxuries you probably didn't know you could register for—from chic coffee-table decor to quirky kitchen gadgets.

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Charity donations can be a great alternative to traditional wedding gifts

For most brides and grooms, the wedding day is all about them. But it doesn’t always have to be. Along with gifts (or instead of them!), some couples now ask guests to donate funds to a local charity in their honor or make a donation themselves.

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Alternative wedding inspiration: 3 ways to do good things for charity at your wedding!

Here are 5 ways to incorporate charity into your wedding, you don't have to do all 5 together, but even if you did only one, you'd still be helping out others in some way which is great!

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Is It Time to Stop Asking for Wedding Gifts?

When people you love find love, and get married, they deserve a wedding gift as a token of your happiness. Right? Sure. But do they deserve to dictate exactly what you should get for them?

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Create A Charity Registry With I Do Foundation

Now it’s easy to say “I do” with your favorite charity! The I Do Foundation is the first wedding-focused nonprofit in the nation and their goal is to help engaged couples “celebrate generously™” by incorporating charity into their special day.

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Alternatives to the traditional wedding registry

Marriage is no longer a young persons game. For men, the average age at their first marriage is almost 29 and the average woman is getting married for the first time is almost 27. The focus on careers and independent lifestyles has become more important, and often necessary. This also means that men and women are much more established and independent before becoming a couple; they’ve their own sets of pots and pans, their own blenders and mixers and their own furniture and entertainment centers.


7 Causes for a Wedding

A great way to give your wedding purpose is to set up a charitable wedding registry. The I DO Foundation is the nation’s first and largest “Wedding Focused” not-for-profit organization. It has helped 75K couples contributing $6.5 million dollars (and counting) to more than over 5500 charitable organizations. Imagine being one of those couples renowned for celebrating for a cause; that’s a wedding no one could ever forget.

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When you’re just starting out as a newly married couple, having registered for things you’ll need for your new home together is an important, (and fun), part of the wedding process. But just like the wedding itself, many items you’ll be registering for are better for the environment than others. So I have a list of items you may want to look into putting on your registry in order to carry your green wedding over into your everyday life.

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Five Unique Wedding Favors Guests Will Love

I’ve been writing a lot lately about the importance of a personal wedding guest favor, but I’ve not quite given you any ideas as to what I mean by this. In today’s post, I want to give you five of my favorite finds so far when it comes to options for a personal wedding favor. From sentimental and meaningful to favors that truly make an impact on the world we live in, these wedding favors are sure to give your guests amazing conversation pieces and sweet memories when they finally leave your celebration. Read on for my favorite options!

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