Great Ideas for Your Green Wedding

Weddings are a wonderful time to express what you value as a couple. That includes being considerate of your environmental impact and renewing your dedication to live in harmony with the natural world.

As an engaged couple, your purchasing power can make a big impact for the environment. A few ways to be eco-friendly:

  • Give Back at Your Wedding. Your wedding can help protect the environment by raising money for the causes you care about.
    • Start a Charity Registry. Give your guests the option to donate to your favorite environmental charity.
    • Start a Gift Registry. Let our store partners give back to your charity of choice when you register for gifts through I Do.
  • Offset Your Footprint. Use one of our partners to calculate your wedding's carbon footprint, then offset your emissions through their easy-to-use online tools.
  • Do the World a Favor. Honor your guests and share your values with them through wedding favors that support an environmental charity.
  • Plan a Green Honeymoon. If you plan ahead, you can significantly reduce your carbon footprint and give back through your purchases.

These helpful articles suggest wonderful ways to celebrate and save green without sacrificing your wedding dreams.

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