Go Green, Save Green™

The editors of Portovert Magazine weigh in on their favorite ways to save money while having a stylish, sustainable wedding. Here are their top ten picks.

  1. Think Local: Packaging and transportation can significantly increase the cost of goods (not to mention landfills and carbon emissions). Buying local can save you up to 40%.
  2. Less is More: Share your day with close family and friends. Paring your guest list down will keep your budget in check, and will reduce the impact of guests traveling to and from your wedding.
  3. The 411: Include maps and tourist guides on a wedding site, allowing guests to pick and choose what they need to print.
  4. Location, Location, Location: Choose a venue that's rich in dècor. Botanical gardens are lush with foliage and museums have objects d'art. You'll support a non-profit — and save on the decorations.
  5. Fashion Forward: Buying second-hand gives a garment a new-lease on life — and gets you the look you want, for less.
  6. Spin Cycle: If your gown is polyester, pop it in the washing machine on the gentle cycle. It's a low-energy, non-toxic way to clean your gown.
  7. Thrifty Finds: Shop thrift stores and eBay for second hand treasures; add sparkle to a bouquet with a vintage pin or bejewel centerpieces with chandelier crystals.
  8. Double Duty: Repurpose your flowers and dècor; it's thrifty and sustainable. Reuse your ceremony arrangements for table centerpieces. Want a spectacular send-off? Pluck rose petals from table arrangements for the end-of evening toss.
  9. Do Us a Favor: Most favors get tossed; skip the overpriced mementos and make a charitable donation in your guests' names.
  10. Ride in Style: Skip the limo and choose a more eco-friendly exit. A hybrid taxi is chic (and economical) for a city wedding; a fuel-efficient convertible works for country locales.