10 Easy Ways to Save on Organic Flower Arrangements

From buying in bulk to re-using petals for a fairy tale send-off, the editors of Portovert.com have rounded up ten of their favorite ways to save on flowers (hint: these ideas are all eco-friendly, too!).

  1. Buy in Bulk: Ecuador's long days and cool nights yield some of the world's most perfect organic roses, but only Organic Bouquet ships carbon-neutral pesticide-free blooms from the region. The company's wholesale site makes bulk orders cost as little as ninety-eight cents a stem.
  2. Location, Location, Location: We've said it before and we'll say it again: buy locally! Packaging and transportation can significantly increase the cost of goods. Buying local, seasonal flowers can save you as much as 40%.
  3. Double Up: Repurposing flowers is thrifty and sustainable. Display your bridal bouquet purposefully in a thematic container to dress up your couple's table.
  4. Reuse: Want a spectacular send-off? Ask friends to pluck rose petals from table arrangements for the end-of evening toss.
  5. Less is More: Choose large, full flower heads, like the hydrangea, for centerpieces. Fewer large-headed flowers will produce the same wow effect of a dozen or more smaller blooms.
  6. Branch Out: Add an architectural element, like curly willow, which can be harvested from your backyard (and replenishes itself quickly!).
  7. Something Borrowed: An eclectic collection of containers can add warmth and romance to a space. Skip the rentals and borrow vases, pots or unusual containers from friends and family.
  8. Mix it Up: Exotic flowers are lovely, but you can achieve the same element of surprise by combining flora and fauna with other natural objects like fruits, vegetables, shells and nuts.
  9. Take Root: Well-spaced pots of manicured plants can add a special touch to a wedding, and can be found at your local garden nursery. They're inexpensive and make lovely favors for guests.
  10. Skip It: There is no one way to decorate a wedding. Flowers are beautiful, but there are other ways to bring color to your celebration.