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Address:   25 Kingston Street, 6th floor
Boston, MA   02111

Mission Statement:


Peace First was founded on the belief that young people have the power and responsibility to change theworld. We believe that mastering peacemaking is the key skill of the 21st century. It starts with addressing exclusion and bullying by developing courage, compassion and communication, and goes beyond that to engage young people in seeing themselves as agents of social change.

Our Model:


Our work in schools:

The Peace First model teaches students to work effectively with others to resolve conflicts, solve community problems, communicate ideas effectively, and form positive social relationships. As students progress through our curriculum at each developmental level, from Pre-K through 8th grade, they develop the courage and compassion they need to see themselves as leaders and to act with empathy toward others.


The Peace First Prize:

We are now taking our work to a new level through a national campaign to inspire young people to lead community change. The Peace First Prize will reward young people who have made important contributions to their community and served as role-models for others. We envision offering the Prize annually to youth aged 8-22 living in the United States, and eventually globally. Peace First will invest in the long-term capability of winners to be national peace leaders. Winners will receive a $50,000 scholarship and Peace First Fellowship, both over two years.


With bullying and youth violence even more prevalent in the news, and with social-emotional learning and civic engagement being highlighted by scientific studies that show these skills promote life-long success, Peace First is poised to be a leader of an emerging youth peacemaking movement. As we launch Prize, Peace First will continue to provide our innovative curriculum and tools to our partner schools and make them accessible to educators across the country. We invite you to learn more about our work.


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