Address:   312 Sutter Street, Suite 410
San Francisco, CA   94108

Mission Statement:

  Interested in supporting education? Your wedding donations to this fund will be distributed by I Do Foundation to organizations that are providing every child with equal access to a quality education regardless of income, race, gender, or geography.

In Their Own Words:

  Considering that a strong educational system is the foundation of a strong economy, it is shocking how many of the world's children are being left behind. Studies have shown that wages increase an estimated 10% to 20% with each additional year of education, yet one out of three children in developing countries receives less than five years of schooling. Students in the United States are relatively better off, but the disparities between income groups are still striking. In high poverty urban areas, most 4th graders can't read a simple children's book and one-fifth of 16 to 19 year-olds drop out of high school. The message, while perhaps not intentional, is clear: some children are valued less than others.

Therefore, the I Do Foundation Education focus area supports organizations with the clear mission of improving educational opportunities for underserved populations. These organizations are engaged in a variety of activities, from building 21st century literacy skills to providing educational enrichment servoces to advocating for improved school infrastructure. Applying a holistic vision of education, the Foundation supports a continuum of programs, such as those that make school-to-work links and adult education programs that support life-long learning. The Foundation's priority is to fund programs that make a difference for children and their families, and those that empower families to take an active role in the education of their children.

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