Address:   312 Sutter Street, Suite 410
San Francisco, CA   94108

Mission Statement:

  Interested in supporting the environment? Your wedding donations to this fund will be distributed by I Do Foundation to organizations that are creating ecologically sustainable solutions that balance human rights and sound environmental policies.

In Their Own Words:

  It is impossible to talk about ecological issues without also addressing the human impact of environmental policies. In some developing countries, the costs of environmental degradation have been estimated at 4% to 8% of national GDP per year. The tolls of poor water, air, and soil quality have an even larger impact on the millions of people exposed annually to dire environmental conditions. With the rise of globalization and multi-national corporations, it is even more important to discuss the interrelatedness of economic development, the environment, and human rights. Both internally and domestically, environmental justice is a growing concern.

To address these issues, I Do Foundation specifically funds environmental groups with a clear commitment to addressing environmental issues from a human perspective. Organizations funded through this focus area engage in a range of activities from working to protect rainforests and their inhabitants to conducting environmental monitoring of international development activities. In the United States, the Foundation supports organizations working on issues such as reducing exposure to hazardous wastes and supporting "brownfields" redevelopment. The Foundation strives to support environmental solutions that are based within the affected community and local initiatives.

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