Address:   312 Sutter Street, Suite 410
San Francisco, CA   94108

Mission Statement:

  Interested in supporting health causes? Your wedding donations to this fund will be distributed by I Do Foundation to organizations that are improving physical and mental health worldwide by ensuring equitable access to health care, regardless of income, race, gender, or geography.

In Their Own Words:

  Every day, infectious diseases kill 30,000 people in the developing world. This simple fact might not be so shocking if the medical know-how to prevent many of those deaths didn't already exist. Yet despite medical advances, much of the world's population still suffers from lack of access to health care, both abroad and at home. In 1999, 42 million Americans went without health insurance, and millions of households every year go without adequate food. This complex mix of health challenges has an immense impact on the ability of people worldwide to improve their educational and economic status.

To address these multifaceted issues, I Do Foundation supports multi-dimensional approaches that range from targeting epidemic illnesses to preventive health measures. The Foundation supports programs addressing maternal and child healthcare, disease prevention, violence prevention, health education, and food security. In recognition of the current AIDS crises, the Foundation places a special priority on preventing and treating this disease, especially in developing countries. All of the organizations supported by the Foundation's Health grantees must reflect the culture, language, and traditions of the communities that they serve.

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