Choosing a Charity

Couples registering with I Do Foundation can direct their wedding donations to one of I Do's recommended nonprofits, to one of our focus area funds, or to a nonprofit organization they chose.

Option 1: Select a Recommended Partner

In keeping with I Do's mission, and as a service for couples, we have developed a list of recommended nonprofits. All these organizations reflect our goal of supporting innovative nonprofits working to promote social change in underserved communities. Our recommended nonprofits take entrepreneurial approaches that make a difference on the ground, especially for low-income people. Our selection criteria can be found here. (Please note: We are not currently accepting applications for new recommended nonprofits.)

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Option 2: Select a Focus Area Fund

If you're interested in supporting a specific cause, we've made it easy to do by grouping powerful nonprofits into six special focus area funds: Health, Environment, Social Justice, Community Development, Education, and Children, Youth, and Families (links to all). Our funds are disbursed annually to organizations in the focus area.

Option 3: Choose a Nonprofit

Whether you want to give locally or globally, we can help make your wedding dreams come true. You can find any registered nonprofit by searching our database of more than 1.5 million charities. We partner with GuideStar®, which allows you to search for a charity by name or keyword.

Spread the Word

How to Tell Your Guests

  • Invitations - A supplemental sheet in the invitation can inform guests of your socially conscious focus and provide simple instructions about making a donation.
  • Website - Many couples create a personal wedding webpage to inform guests of ceremony and reception details and directions. This website can also provide information about how to support your charitable choices.
  • Wedding party - In the time honored tradition of weddings, instruct your wedding party to inform guests of your charitable choices when they ask where you are registered.

How Nonprofits can Benefit

Even though we are not currently adding new Recommended Partners, your organization can still benefit from our services by using the following text to tell your volunteers, donors, and constituents how they can raise funds for your organization with their weddings.

Getting married? Now you can support [organization's name] by registering with I Do Foundation. From honeymoons to invitations to wedding gifts to charitable wedding favors, I Do allows couples and their guests to make wedding-related purchases that generate donations for [organization's name]. I Do's Charity Registry also makes it easy for guests to make donations in lieu of gifts. All these services are available free of cost at Check it out today, and be sure to select [organization's name] as the beneficiary of your charitable wedding.

Learn More about the I Do Grants Program

The best way for your organization to raise donations through I Do is to be chosen by a couple as their wedding charity. I Do also gives a small number of discretionary grants which are distributed annually through I Do Grants. Learn more about whether your organization qualifies.

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